The natural way to store carbon for centuries

Our mission is to capture over 1 million tons of CO2 with biochar by 2030.

Carbon Capture is the need of the hour

To limit global warming to the crucial threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius, the recent IPCC report highlights the imperative of achieving around 6 gigatons of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) annually by 2050.
As the climate crisis deepens, investing in carbon sequestration projects becomes an indispensable step toward a sustainable future. These projects hold a dual promise: not only mitigating climate impacts but also propelling sustainable development.
Herein lies the significant potential of biochar to play a pivotal role. It is estimated that by 2050, carbon removal via biochar will be in the range of 0.3–2 Gt CO2 per year.

How BioChar sequesters carbon?

Carbon Capture with BioChar
Pyrolysis Process


Responsible Consumption & Production

Converting waste into biochar and using it to replace high carbon footprint or non-renewable materials leads towards a more circular economy.


How Our Biochar Project Delivers Impact with Transparency and Integrity
High Integrity
  1. - Independent life cycle assessment (LCA)
  2. - Annual production audits
  3. - Independent Production Facility Audits
Positive Impact
  1. - Locks carbon in the soil for centuries
  2. - Jobs for small farmers & local communities
  3. - Better crop yields as it reduces soil acidity
Full Transparency
  1. - IOT based monitoring and reporting
  2. - Independent assessment by stakeholders
  3. - Record Keeping Framework

Biochar has the potential to remove 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year by 2050.

Earthonly's long term plan is to scale to more than 50 biochar facilities in India and Africa. This will potentially generate more than 1 million carbon credits every year.

Join us in our ambition to become one of the world's leading carbon dioxide removals supplier.

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